Life Insurance

The School System provides employer-paid basic life insurance for you.  The plan includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage, or AD&D.  If you pass away as a result of an accident, the plans also pay either the amount of your life insurance or a percentage for loss of limbs, speech, hearing, and more.

School System also offers voluntary term life insurance for employees, spouses, and children.  Consider your current coverage and whether it would provide adequate protection for your family in the event of your death. These plans also include AD&D coverage.


Premium Information

Important Documents

Basic Life

The School System provides basic life coverage at no cost to you in the amount of $25,000.


Voluntary Life

You may elect voluntary life insurance for yourself and your dependents through payroll deduction to supplement the basic life benefit.  

Employee Life: Up to a maximum of the lower of $500,000 or 10 times your annual earnings in $10,000 increments.  The Guarantee Issue is up to $350,000.

Spouse Life: Up to 100% of employee amount to a maximum of $500,000 in $5,000 increments.  The Guarantee Issue is up to $75,000.

Child Life: $10,000 or $20,000 up to age 26, with a Guarantee Issue of up to $20,000.


Evidence of Insurability (EOI) for Voluntary Life

As a new hire, you are able to elect up to the Guarantee Issue of $350,000 for yourself, $75,000 for your spouse, and $20,000 for your child(ren) with no health questions. Should you wish to elect an amount that exceeds the Guarantee Issue, an Evidence of Insurability Form is required.  You may obtain an EOI Form from the Resources page or by calling the Benefits Service Center.  New elections at Annual Open Enrollment also require an Evidence of Insurability (EOI).  To apply, simply complete the form and submit it to Unum for review.  You will not be deducted for your pending amount unless / until you are approved.

Sample Voluntary Life Premiums - $10,000

Please see below for sample premiums for $10,000 coverage. We encourage you to enroll in the plan because as long as you are enrolled, future elections up to the guarantee issue amounts during Annual Open Enrollment do not require health questions.


      Age          Monthly Deduction   
25 $6.00
35 $9.40
45 $24.90
55 $66.00

Important Notes

  • There is no age cap to be eligible to enroll
  • Spouse life cannot exceed 100% of employee amount
  • Rates are age banded and spouse rates are based on employee's age
  • Child(ren) can be covered until age 26
  • Beneficiary information is required upon enrollment
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage is included
    • Benefit is doubled in the event of death due to accident
    • Dismemberment benefit is paid according to a schedule outlined in the certificate
  • If you are married to another School System employee:
    • Duplicate coverage is not allowed.

Age Reductions

The basic and voluntary life benefits reduce due to age based on the schedule below.  The change will take place on January 1 following the 70th birthday.

Age 70: Reduces to 65%

Age 75: Reduces to 50%

Portability and Conversion

You have the opportunity to continue your life insurance benefit should you terminate employment with School System if certain conditions are met and if application and premium payment is made within 31 days of your coverage end date.  You may either port your policy to an individual term life plan or convert your policy to a whole life plan upon termination.  Additional information regarding these two options may be obtained by contacting the carrier or by visiting the Resources page.